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Books by Faith Estridge

The Dream book

The Dream
A fiction Novel
Price $11.99

Tells the story of a lady who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She saw too much and must be silenced.
Knowing that she was going to die, she made one last plea. Just a phone call to her daughter. That phone call made all the difference to Jim, her would be assassin. 
Jim wanted to know what she knew that he did not. What made her not fear death? There was something in her life that was different. He had to find out what that difference was.  
He kidnaps her in order to keep them both alive.  God used the evil meant and turned it into good. 

Queen of Hearts book

Queen of Hearts
A fiction Novel
Price $16.00

Sara is a young lady determined to make her way through college. Working and her studies leave her little time for dating. She set standards for herself thinking she would be lonely, but instead she became the ‘Queen of Hearts’.

The small campus of Oakhurst College became her challenge. Soon her goal was to not only finish college, but to get to know every student that attended in the years she was there.

  Other books to come:

     Fiction novel
Sandy Art

of Joy, love, laughter and a little pain

Books by Debi Kneblik
(Faith's sister)

Out of the Darkness book
Out of the Darkness
Price $11.99

A Biography of Faith and  Debi’s parents. 

The untold, true story of two people in the depths of despair and how God’s faithfulness intervened.  Living their lives in utter sadness and loneliness, they are finally led out of the tunnel of darkness.

Chronicles of Knottingburg Series

King James of Knottingburg book
King James of Knottingburg
Volume 1
Price $11.99

You meet the characters who face incredible trials when the evil, hidden secret is revealed.  You will see how God’s amazing  faithfulness is unfolded before them.

Boy Knight of Knottingburg book
Boy Knight of Knottingburg
Volume 2
Price $11.99

In this second book, you meet a crippled boy who faces his greatest fear and risks his life in order to save the kingdom of Knottingburg. The Prince admires this amazing boy who had so little, and yet seemed so rich in wisdom, character, kindness and love for God. He felt that he wanted to know this boy so much more.

The Cave of Knottingburg book
The Cave of Knottingburg
Volume 3
Price $11.99

This is the exciting story of a Prince who must go into hiding inside a cave to save his life after the castle is overtaken by the enemy. In that cave he makes amazing discoveries. Something happens to him that forever changes him. Eventually he must leave the cave and go in disguise to a nearby village where he makes another discovery, a very poor, yet incredible family that takes him in and has no clue that he is the Prince. Surrounded by poverty, he learns much about himself, this family and some wicked deeds that are taking place in that village. This village and family are forever changed by having this Prince among them.

Children's Books to come: 

    Chronicles of Knottingburg Series:
The Tower of Knottingburg

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