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Campers Comments

'What I like about camp'

Campers comments tent bulletBeing here and getting closer to God.
Campers comments fire bulletRiding horses and learning about God. Chucky, 13
Campers comments tent bulletHiking, playing games and just hanging out with friends.
Campers comments fire bulletI really like coming and getting to know new people and spend time with them. And I also like learning about God and getting closer to Him.
Campers comments tent bulletThe games we play and do, but the thing I like most is trying I live is get to know God. Eric J 
Campers comments fire bulletI really like to have the bonfires and just being all together. I love to come out here every year to be with Faith and Eric and all the kids. I love you all very much and I love this camp. Just keep it strong. Hailey, 13
Campers comments tent bulletAt camp, everyone has a good time. There Is So Much To Do. I Love To Go Hiking, and Horse Back Riding, And Talk To All My Friends. This Year We Got A New Cabin Which Has Bunkbeds in it. There is A lot More Space For People To Come. We Play Games And Have Daily Sessions About God. Every Year We Meet Someone New. There Are Just So Many Things To Be Done. Everyone Just Has So Much Fun Together. I Love Being Able To Come Out Here Every Year And See All My Friends.       Haylee Pickard, 13
Campers comments fire bulletI remember when I was little and I was at camp.  I got saved that year and We all had a really fun time. I remember I loved going swimming at the lake and I had my first fishing experience that year.  I was about seven years old and it was the first year the camp was open. I loved taking ďMud bathsĒ in the pond with my sister and riding the horses was also fun, too. I spent a lot of time at the camp site when I was little and spent a lot of my time at Faith and Ericís house. I always loved going to their house to hang out.                                                                    *Pamela Hatfield*, 16
Campers comments tent bulletI remember the very first time that I came to camp it was kinda boring at first but now I am glad that I got to come. I made new friends. But this year is what I remember the most. Faithís friends came from Florida to help with came. Things kept happening that wasnít very good but it made us all closer to one another. There sure was a lot of hospital runs. ( lol )  And now we sure do have some new stories to tell. I love all the fun that we all had together. I already miss this summer!!!              Nichoel Smith, 18
Campers comments fire bulletHi, my name is Gary Evans. I had been involved with the moments with the master dude ranch camp for 7 years now. When I first started coming to this camp, I didnít know anyone but I didnít know anyone but Faith& Eric. I can tell some people about this camp, me and my brother got save at this camp I like coming here. I like to know God I won a contest and I won a trophy for saying the most verses. I like to ride the horses and I been coming here for 7 years I got saved when my mom was in the hospital I ask God to come in my life also my brother did to on the same day I cry when my mom  got out of the hospital  my aunt told me that night. I have prayed to God to save my mom and my dad and my aunt and my papaw.                  Gary Evans, 15
Campers comments tent bulletHi, my name is Travis Smith. I have been involved with the Moments With the Master Dude Ranch Camp for about 6 years now.  I found many friends and my relationship between them grew larger and larger every year. While camp goes on, we have Bible class about 3 times a day. Thatís the whole reason that we have this camp is to teach kids about the Lord God Almighty. My most heartfelt memory while attending this camp would be my 1st year when Faith had a Christian School. This is because while we were at this school, my brother got saved. When he got saved it really meant a lot to me. After that, my spiritual life became more dedicated in my actions related to God.        Travis Smith, 14
Campers comments fire bulletI remember the first time that I came here it was all boring and we didnít know exactly what to do but then I realized hey we are here to make new friends and have fun and learn about the lord! I am so glad that I decide to come here and  have fun and make new friends and learn more about the lord so now here I am and it is my third year being here and I do not regret a thing and I am so proud of myself for coming and getting to know Faith & Eric better and also learning more and becoming closer to the lord. So thanks Faith and Eric for everything that you have done for me and helping me get through life for the past three years!! I LOVE you all tremendously never forget that!!!                                 Brittany Humfleet, 17
Campers comments tent bulletI like hanging out with friends and getting to know God and Jesus better Hope Asher 16
Campers comments fire bulletI love this camp. It is so great when you can go somewhere, and get away from life, and be with people who truly love you. Life can be so stressful and the change of atmosphere from worldly things and worldly people is so great, and itís so cool that we can come here and spend a week totally with God.          Beki Mc Pheron, 18

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