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Camp Dates for 2018
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We are needing $50 scholarships!

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"Camp is one of those places that when you hear about it you donít want to come but once you get here you never want to leave."

CampĖ what is camp? Here at Dude Ranch Camp  ( Moments with the Master) camp is a place to come and interact with children and teenagers of the same age and same interests to come and learn more about Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Here at camp we enjoy activities such as,

camps bullet riding horses,
camps bullet singing praises to God,
camps bullet having devotions sharing our thoughts and feelings and telling others
     what Christ has done in our lives and for others.

We do other fun little projects, such as having

camps bullet races,
camps bullet scavenger hunts,
camps bullet paint,
camps bullet fishing and
camps bullet swimming.

Camp is not just a place to sit and listen to someone lecture to you about what you need to do or not do in your life. All though it is VERY important, one day youíll stand before God and youíll give an account for every bad or good thing youíve ever done in your lifetime and then if you havenít all ready youíll wish that you wouldíve paid more attention to what others were telling you. Camp is a place to have fun also, and just be free from all your pain and worries, itís a time to relax and concentrate on the more important things like becoming a  Christian. I havenít been here a whole lot but what little time I have been to camp has made all the difference in the choices I make. Camp is one of those places that when you hear about it you donít want to come but once you get here you never want to leave.

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What We Provide in our Camp: 

GROUP CAMPING   Tent and Cabin  
This venture includes weekly camps as well as family and special retreats for adults. Summer camps for children and teens

FAMILY CAMPING  Cabin, tent and RV for a small family
Families can use the property to camp with their children to teach them more about the Creator and spend time in His creation. 

CAMPFIRES  Evening campfire weather permitting for groups or families.

FOOD PANTRY  Food that is donated, when available.
The food pantry helps to supplement struggling families with limited income in this area. This helps in getting to know the community to be able to feed them with food, love and the gospel. 






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