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April, 2007

   Water to the camp is something we want and need desperately, but it is something we have not even considered because of cost and other more important things.

   Then last year a local church set aside $3,000 for us to use for city water if we could complete the job by this December.

   That sounded easy enough. We had some one looking into things for us, but recently it fell back into our hands. So we got a plumber out to give us an estimate. We about fell over when we heard $15,000, just for the pipe and laying it. Wow!!!

   Just as God is faithful in all things He has done for us, I know He has the answer for this!!!

   Before the week was out a friendís (one I have not seen in 12 years) husband called from Texas, saying he was going to send some money they had been saving. He wanted to know of the projects we were working on now.

   Of course water was one of them. He said he had laid some pipe at his house and saved a lot of $$, so jokingly I said, ďWell come on out to help us,Ē Guess what He said he would.  Coincidence???? No way.

  Then in FL I saw a friend and he said he would come help us lay the pipe as well as plumb. Coincidence???? No way.

   So far $998 has come in that will be put toward this project.

But we

 need your help!!!!! 

Needed for water

Help bullet  Connection to Corbin water 3 inch pipe for water line
Help bullet  Machine to dig ditches
Help bullet  Pipes
Help bullet  Kitchen & bathroom plumbing
Help bullet  Or $$ to make it happen


Long Ago Moments

This is an except from a book my sis, Debbie Kneblik, is writing about our parents

My Grandmother, Edith Moore had inherited the Kentucky land that her family had previously lived on in Barbourville. 

My Father cherished that land.  He and his siblings would eventually inherit this land. There would be about twenty five acres each and not very valuable.  He offered to buy the otherís share of the land, for they all lived in Florida.

Every few years, he would drive up to check on the land. One year he decided to dedicate the land to God, to be used for His work. He found a pile of large flat rocks stacked together about 3 feet high, he felt that this was an alter.  He knelt down beside it and gave the land to God.  Dedicating it to His glory.

As it turned out, like King David, my father never saw his dream come true by his own hand.  This was carried out by God calling his third born, Faith, to carry out that mission. 

 After years of feeling that call, she and her husband Eric, sold their lovely home.  They had a yard sale and what they didn't sell, they had friends and family come over and chose what they wanted.

I watched that day as they gave away things she had treasured for years for a far greater treasure, God's perfect  will.  Her blue glass collection was especially sad for me to be seen

 given away, because I knew she loved it.

That day at her yard sale, I asked her, "Faith, how are you doing with all this?  Is it incredibly hard for you to give it all up?" 

I know she answered honestly, "No, not at all, these are just things.  I want to do what God wants me to do.

There was just no room for any furniture or any of the other things.  They were going to live on the land in a little travel trailer without any electricity or running water, except the water running down the mountain.  Little did they realize they would have to live that for a full year!  They bathed and washed in water from the stream and a neighbor filled their bottles for drinking water.

The picture of my father knelling by his alter is a real treasure to us.  Perhaps he can look down from heaven and see that little camp that is changing so many of the lives of those poor mountain children and teenagers.

Perhaps he can fellowship with King David and say, "Well David, your son's building was a lot bigger then my daughter's camp, but I feel just as excited as you did!"


Precious Moments 


God surely blessed us with the Belkís Charity Days. We made $1,800!!!! Thatís
about one week paid for.

Cement foundation for dorm cabin was poured with plumbing in it!!!!.

As I write this the walls are going up!!!! For cabin

We were given a butchered cow!!!!!!

Spartanburg sent up can goods for us, camp, and to share with camp families.

Shea, Jude and Faith got to go see family for Easter!!!!

Spartanburg is sponsoring and sending  a college student to work with us all summer!!!!!

When Ericís cast came off, we found  that Eric has grown out of all his cloths, due to his inactivity.  God blessed me with finding great bargainís  and great discounts.

Many of you responded to the last newsletter with support. Thank you!!!!!

One woman shared her desire to help a week of camp with her church. She called a meeting thinking two others were coming, 9 showed up and are coming for the last week of camp. They are going to do everything for camp that week!!!

Gary Smith that was working with us for awhile, a very quiet person preached a few weeks back.

Recliner given to us in a time of need

We can never outdo our Precious Lord!!!!!


Prayerful Moments

Wisdom and obedience for us

Ericís Ankle to heal

Water to camp area

People to help

Unsaved campers & parents

Kids that will be coming


Your prayers are treasured and are what keeps us going!!

Thank you!!!

Thoughtful Moments

It is so exciting what God is doing here on the mountain!!!!!

I almost canít wait to wake up to see what God is going to do each day..

About two months ago, Eric and I were praying together and I asked God to forgive me for taking him for granted. I know He will provide all our needs as we continue to do His work., but we need to ask and thank Him!! Since then He has proved the answer to prayers in a wonderful way!!!!

Of course all the blessing have uplifted us and pulled us up from a slump that we were in. Our spirits are revived.

Most of those blessings have come from you!!!  Thank you!!!!!

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