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December 2007


You, our faithful partners, are the gift God has given us. You, as you pray, encourage, and love, are the hands of God reaching out to us. You, our partners are what keeps us going!!

     You and your prayers, have strentghened the kids and allowed the Holy Spirit to work in their Lives!!!!

Again, ďThank YouĒ are merely two words that can never express what lives within our hearts.......... it goes beyond the words of the mouth, it comes from deep in the soul!

 Please remember us in the winter months

   I know it seems like we donít do much in the winter, and I admit I do enjoy the slower pace!!! But we still need your prayers and financial support!!!!

   For me it is catch up time with paper work in the office: newsletters, thank you notes, financial                       el chair any time he is in the house so we now have a good clear path for him to fly thru on his wheels.

   We have weekends with the kids throughout the year. We had

a hay ride a couple of weeks ago and will have a Christmas party December 14.

   Two churches have been out enjoying a day on the mountain.

   The Johnís familyí house burned down, and they have had other problems,  so they have been here a lot, staying in the new cabin until it got too cold!

   Much time has been spent helping them get supplies and settled back down.

The check book gets very low every winter, but the needs go on. Please be in prayer and listen to Godís direction.

  God will bless you when you do His will!!!


Christmas party for the kids
Friday, Dec 14, 6-9pm


Ericís Ankle

If you would like to help with the party we would be grateful.

Our evening includes:

  • Chili

  • Party snacks

  • A nativity setting and story

  • Small gift bag to each child. (many of our campers are teenagers so it is hard to give them something they will enjoy. with a small budget)

Many ask about his ankle. It is no better and nothing else can be done, except to redo the surgery. We have decided against that.

  He does walk, but with much pain, his other ankle still hurts from arthritis as well. Eric being Eric can not stay off of it.

   Please continue to pray for both of us as he deals with the pain!!

More from the Campers

Cross Trails, Youth Ranch Joins Us

We are happy to have Cross Trails Youth Ranch join us here on the mountain.

Their ministry has helped us through the years with many of our activities. I met them the first year we were here and then I felt we would do well working together.

Due of their loss of a lease, they needed a place to settle. They will be bringing about 20 horses, emus, lamas, a miniature donkey and goats. As well as their own fencing and labor.

 Their ministry has been

reaching youth through the animals, trail rides and petting zoos.

   We feel that having them here will benefit the work here, in adding activities and help. We know the kids will enjoy more animals here.


More from campers

Haylee Pickard 13
At camp, everyone has a good time. There Is So Much To Do. I Love To Go Hiking, and Horse Back Riding, And Talk To All My Friends. This Year We Got A New Cabin Which Has Bunk beds in it. There is A lot More Space For People To Come. We Play Games And Have Daily Sessions About God. Every Year We Meet Someone New. There Are Just So Many Things To Be Done. Everyone Just Has So Much Fun Together. I Love Being Able To Come Out Here Every Year And See All My Friends.       

Travis Smith 14

grew and larger every year.

          While camp goes on, we have bible class about 3 times a day. Thatís the whole reason that we have this camp is to teach kids about the Lord God almighty.                                 My most heartfelt memory while attending this camp would be my 1st year when Faith had a Christian school.


This is because while we were at this school, my brother got saved. When he got saved it really meant a lot to me. After that, my spiritual life became more dedicated in my actions related to God.


Travis first came to camp 6 years ago, God has a calling on his life. Pray that he will follow that call

Hi, my name is Travis Smith. I have been involved with the Moments With the Master Dude Ranch Camp for about 6 years now.

          When I first started coming to this camp, I didnít know anyone but Faith and Eric. But as the years went on, I found many friends and my relationship between them


Brittainy Humfleet, 17       

 I remember the first time that I came here it was all boring and we

didnít know exactly what to do but then I realized hey, we are here to make new friends and have fun and learn about the Lord! I am so glad that I decide to come here and  have fun and make new friends and learn more about the Lord so now here I am and it is my third year being here and I do not regret a thing and I am so proud of myself for coming and getting to know Faith & Eric better and also learning more and becoming closer to the Lord. So thanks Faith and Eric for everything that you have done for me and helping me get through life for the past three years!! I LOVE you all tremendously,  never forget that!!!

This story can fit 75-125 words.

Camp News  **Physical Attacks **

Of course, as always, Satan doesnít like what was happening and showed up. I think we get used to battling the devil, we get tired of it. Thatís one reason we are so tired and exhausted after a week of camp. We know Satan was behind many of the delays in getting the dorm completed, but God allowed them and overcame all those problems for His glory. We had several other incidents throughout the summer, the worse came the last week. Satan just wouldnít give up. The last week of camp we sent 3 people to the hospital. One boy, Emmanuel cut his finger and the doctor had to remove the nail to check that the nail bed wasnít damaged. He will be okay and his nail will grow back. Eric Johns may have a

broken ankle. We took him to the hospital and he had x-rays. He was sent back and told he just had a bad sprain. The next day the doc called and said he wanted new x-rays because the ankle might be broken. Maybe the worse was Barbara Branch from Sea Breeze Church, FL who had a horse fall on her while on flat ground. This horse is as gentle a horse as you will find and has never acted up in any way. As Barb said it was just a freak accident. We rushed her to the hospital only to find nothing broken. Only a badly sprained knee. There might be some ligament or tendon damage but they wonít be able to tell until the swelling goes down. Barb came back to camp with a knee brace and continued in helping with

camp the rest of the week.

          Please always pray for us, the kids, and the helpers and leaders before and during camp. We can do without many things but we cannot do without prayer. We praise all you who faithfully pray for this ministry.

          Yes, itís been a great summer and a great year. This has been a brief recap of some of the events. Words canít explain our gratitude and thanks to and for so many people and God.

God has truly blessed. He Has won the battles, and been glorified.

We just praise Him.

December 2007

Moments with the Master Ministries Inc.
384 Helton Branch Rd 
Gray, KY 40734  

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Directors:Faith & Eric Estridge
Ministering to Appalachia
Through the love of Christ

Moments with the Master

We minister in the Appalachia mountains in Kentucky.  Our mission is reach people with the gospel of Christ. We do this by reaching out in love through camps for kids, mostly the ones who otherwise would not be able to go to a camp.

We also show love by giving food to the families, helping with needs, listening to their problems and teaching Bible Studies.                   

Our goal is to show them Christís love and encourage them in a different way of life. We aim that everyone who walks on this mountain will know how to accept Christ as Savoir.

The Lord has surely Blessed !!!!

We are delighted to share that the anonymous donor of the water project has continued to donate for the finishing of the lodge. This is a project that has been under way for 6 years.  The committee in charge of the donations are starting with replacing the floor as it has it has been exposed to the weather all this time. They are depending on volunteers to help. Please donate a day for this project.  Let us, Tony Todd  or Clevis Carter know if you would like to help!!!

We take our Salvation and freedom for granted!!!

A long time friend, Dee Stanton Kruger and her husband Mark, came to visit last week. They are missionaries in the Republic of Guinea, West Africa. She was sharing about their work, that it is such a hard sacrifice to become a Christian for those to who they serve. If a person from their village. A woman is not only banished from her home, but must leave her children behind as well.

 What a sacrifice!!!!

Therefore it makes it hard for them to build a church.

The conversions are few.

It made me think about  the work we do here. How hard would it be to continue

 on if God did not bless us with seeing souls saved every year?  

ďPraise you Lord Jesus for the freedom we have in America to serve God and to share You without fear for us or for those who accept Him!!!!!Ē 

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