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“What time I am afraid I will trust in thee”


February 2008

News on the Mountain

   Our God continues to bless the ministry here on the mountain!

   We have someone working on the lodge floor, in between his other jobs. We could use any help. We are planning a work day on Saturday, March 8. Please help if you can!!

   FBC Spartanburg is

working with the water/lodge committee here to have a storage shed put up in order to store lawn equipment.

Then they are bringing

 the lawn

equipment !!!

Then the kids to
use it!!

   The committee has agreed to make the shed larger in order to store camp supplies.

   It is wonderful having these two groups working together with us.

  I canít wait to

see what God

is going to do next!

Winter Time

  God is so wonderful in how He provides through the hearts of others!

  Thank you for your response to the financial help through the winter article.

   We are still staying busy!

  Our Christmas party for the kids was great! It is good to see some of the kids that we do not see all year.  Again God provided so abundantly for this party for them. We had a small live nativity  while Eric narrated the

 Shepard's view.

   We also had our annual dinner for camp workers. That is always a fun and casual time for those of us who stay so busy in the summer. It is mainly a thank you  for those who give so sacrificially      

   Eric has been making room for a  shed behind the lodge (See section above for details).

     We also have an older man staying here for  awhile.

He had been helping with the Cross Trails Youth Ranch. He had to leave the property with their loss of lease. He has been a great help for us as well. Whenever a project is going on he is right there to pitch in.

   The check book gets very low every winter, but the needs go on. Please be in prayer and listen to Godís direction.

  God will bless you when you do His will!!!

of a 
 man , 

Prayer Request

Please be in prayer for Faithís back. I can only be up for a limited amount of time before it becomes to painful. So I am up  and down when getting things done.


This is limiting me with getting items for the Dinner/Auction.

If you would like to help in that area. Let me know. Or if you have any items you would like to donate then please call. Pray with me as to whether I should do the auction again this year. So between Eric and I We are a decrepit family.

 The good side of this is that I am getting a lot of paper work done in my down time.

   I have a praise that I have not had bronchitis this winter! My wonderful Dr Stargel makes sure I am taking all the meds I need to keep to help with that. Plus I have taken other steps to help, but the main thing is your wonderful prayers!

The Johns are doing ok after the fire. They still need a bigger place to live in. Wanda would like to live closer to us.

   Jimmy, the father, had a stroke last week and they are doing  a lot of tests. Pray that he will come to know Jesus.

   Jimmy, the son, is still in detention. Pray

he will get the mental help he needs and that he will give his life back to our Savoir.

   Little Eric is doing well, he is living in Keavy with a family so he can get to work easily. We miss him around here, He is like our own. 

   Pray for him to make wise decisions and get

back into church.

Wanda, the mother, is so wonderful to come out to help us get ready for events and anything I need help with. Again in reaching out to others . God makes them a blessing to you! Pray that she will give her life fully to God and will desire to  get into a church.

  Please be in Prayer for Karen Long and her family.

  Karen is the director for Cross Trails Youth Ranch. Before she found out she needed to move. They found

she had cancer and she had to have surgery immediately. She has come though her chemo treatments very well.

  Then she had the stress of the move.

While still working on

fencing for her animals here on the property. The doctors found a mass in her mothers lung. Another immediate surgery.

  Needless to say her stress level is sky high.

Thank you!!!!!!!!

Father Child Weekend

This event is targeted for father (or male relative) and their children, ages 7-18 (younger if a sibling is involved),

Weekend event to be held March 28-30. Friday night through Sunday afternoon.

          Mothers are also invited. They will help with serving the meals and will have separate sessions.

          The weekend will consist of doing  activities, involving family units together:

  • Outdoor cooking

  • Horseback riding

  • Hiking/nature walks

  • Fishing

  • Sport activities

  • Skits & activities involving adults/ children working together

  • Church Services for the family

  • Devotions in groups and one on one

Leonard Lester, a local Pastor and counselor, will lead the sessions for biblical application to teach fathers the leadership role assigned them by God and to teach them the positive role models they are called to be and how they can fulfill this role.

          This is also planned to teach children that they are under the authority of their parents and how to honor and obey all authority, especially parents. 

          We hope this will strengthen relationships so they can share their problems and pressures in an acceptable manner and open positive lines of communication. By teaching fathers and their children Godís design and biblical principals for the family. 

            The cost for the weekend is $100 per family. This includes a $25 registration fee due by March 1st.

          Scholarships are available. 
All are invited to join us!
Call 606-545-9911 

Faith’s Soap Box

    The other day I was in the car driving and this thought came to me.

    We are so against gambling, because it is taking a chance. It is a waste of the resources God has given us. Plus it takes away from what can be provided for our families.

   But donít we do the same thing with our credit cards?????

    We take a chance on paying it off. We pay so much more for items with the interest in the long run.

Plus what would happen if something happened to us. Who would be stuck with an enormous bill?

   The main thing is that we donít depend on what God provides for us. We want more than is allowed in our budgets. We want more, period!

   Donít get me wrong we have credit cards. They are wonderful for trips and for emergencies (is that not trusting God?).  But I use it like a debit card, I write the purchase in my

check book. If there are no funds there then I do not buy.

   Actually, I take advantage of them instead of them taking advantage of me. I use one that gives a 3% back on some purchases and 1% back on others. So every couple of months I have a  small check coming to me. (Now donít ask me if I am wise with that bonus.)                                                                      Faith

Moments icon

Moments with the Master

We minister in the Appalachia mountains in Kentucky.  Our mission is to reach people with the gospel of Christ. We do this by reaching out in love through camps for kids, mostly the ones who otherwise would not be able to go to a camp.

We also show love by giving food to the families, helping with needs, listening to their problems and teaching Bible Studies.                   

Our goal is to show them Christís love and encourage them in a different way of life. We aim that everyone who walks on this mountain will know how to accept Christ as Savoir.

Moments with the Master Ministries inc

384 Helton Branch Road
Gray, KY 40734

The web page is being updated,
 it has some pictures from camp too.

My web page maker has moved back from Israel and is able to do more with it now.

Directors:Faith & Eric Estridge
Ministering to Appalachia

Through the love of Christ

Books Published

New Book Review

The Dream
A fiction Novel

by Faith Estridge

   Tells the story of a lady who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She saw too much and must be silenced.

   Knowing that she was going to die, she made one last plea. Just a phone call to her daughter. That phone call made all the difference

to Jim, her would be assassin.

   Jim wanted to know what she knew that he did not. What made her not fear death? There was something in her life that was different. He had to find out what that difference was.

   He kidnaps her in order to keep them both alive.

   God used the evil meant and turned it into good.

You may purchase either of these books by ordering through:

Or Calling
Faith At 606-545-9911

Other Books to come
by Faith Estridge

Fiction novels

Queen of Hearts
Sandy Art

of Joy, love, laughter and a little pain  

Children's books
by Debi Kneblik

Chronicles of Knottingburg Series:
The King of Knottingburg
The Boy Knight of Knottingburg The Cave of Knottingburg

The Tower of Knottingburg

New Book Review

Out of the Darkness

by Debi Kneblik    

    A Biography of Faith and  Debiís parents.

   The untold, true story of two
people in the depths of despair and how Godís faithfulness intervened.

   Living their lives in utter sadness and loneliness, they are finally led out of the tunnel of darkness.


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